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Heavy Western Farming Co. utilises a cutting-edge 10T Bredal spreader, delivering even application across 36m for optimal nutrient distribution. Our experts ensure efficient, timely spreading, maximising yield and minimising input costs. Tailored solutions for dryland and irrigation (2 and 3m wheel centres available).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Partnership Plus Performance offers financial flexibility, access to the latest equipment, and eliminates maintenance and staffing hassles, making it a more cost-effective and efficient solution.
We continuously update our equipment inventory to ensure our clients have access to the most advanced technology available in the market.
Our service includes strategic planning for adverse weather conditions, ensuring minimal impact on your operations and finances.
While we manage the details, we work closely with our clients to understand their preferences and requirements, ensuring satisfaction with both equipment and staffing.
Our flexible payment plans are designed to suit your financial situation, including upfront payments or spread over 12 months, with detailed contracts outlining all terms.